Relactation for Baby

Relactation for Baby

In relactation, mother’s passion to breastfeed baby sometimes is blocked by several causes such as: mother condition that having health problems (like hospitalization and operation).

Relactation for Baby

Relactation for Baby

The separation condition between mother and baby caused by employment, and when mother back together with baby, her passion to re-breastfeed baby is blocked again by the dryness of mother’s breast milk.

But, you shouldn’t have worried since your effort to relactating or re-breastfeed can be success with the condition that your effort must be very strong. The organ production of breast milk that in the beginning had dried can turn out to be re-active in producing breast milk.

But, mother’s spirit and hard work very ascertain the success of relactation process.

Success Tips in Relactation for Baby

1. Persistent willingness and unyielding willpower

Mother’s decision to relactating should be based on thorough consideration since mother will face many pressures, such as baby refuse to be breastfed and then fussy and crying. If mother desperate and frustrate, then the relactation will be failed. Mother should prepare her unyielding mental in facing many pressures.

2. Family supporting

Tell your plan to relactating to your family in order to get their support, especially when you face the hardest time when baby is fussy, in that condition try to not be tempted to giving back the milk via bottle. If it is needed, call your lactation consultant.

3. Breastfeed baby as often as possible whenever she wants

Don’t push your baby since it can make her more refusing to be breastfed. Do the breastfeeding in a right way and comfort position, also pick the right time, for example when baby doesn’t feel too hungry or too sleepy.

4. Some babies need lactation aid

A tool that hanging on mother’s neck, contain milk and it is connected with soft hose that is attached at mother’s nipple. Though breast milk hasn’t come out yet, but baby’s suction to the nipple could stimulate the production of breast milk.

5. Consume foods contain balance nutrition

Consume foods contain balance nutrition to stimulate breast milk production that having good quality in nutrition.

6. Feeling and Thinking Positive

Be sure that relactation will be succeeded and your beloved one will get the best food in her life. Hug your baby as often as possible so that your baby will feel comfort and it is good for her development.

The success rate of relactation is very affected by mother’s level of willingness and consistency, by family supporting, baby’s age, and by the rest period between breastfeeding and relactation.

Mother should keep optimistic and also think positive, if she can do that then mother will feel again the beauty of every moment in breastfeeding baby.

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