Swinging for Kids and Babies


What is Swinging? Swinging is a fun activity where children and babies sit on a swing and move back and forth. It can be done in playgrounds, backyards, or even indoors with special baby swings. Swinging can be gentle and soothing or more exciting, depending on the speed and height. Why it is Required for […]

Shushing: The Magic Sound for Soothing Babies


What is Shushing? Shushing is a calming technique where you make a “shhh” sound to soothe a baby. This gentle noise mimics the comforting sounds babies hear in the womb. It can help quiet a fussy baby and create a sense of security. Shushing can be done by parents and caregivers, or even using white […]

Newborn wake windows

newborn wake windows

Newborn wake windows: If you are googling the term “newborn wake windows”, you have come to the right place. What the heck is a wake window and how does it help in improving a baby’s sleep? Here I will come to the point and make you understand what it is. If you ever search the […]