Shushing: The Magic Sound for Soothing Babies


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What is Shushing?

Shushing is a calming technique where you make a “shhh” sound to soothe a baby. This gentle noise mimics the comforting sounds babies hear in the womb. It can help quiet a fussy baby and create a sense of security. Shushing can be done by parents and caregivers, or even using white noise machines designed for babies.

Why It Is Required for Babies

Babies often get overwhelmed by the new world around them. Loud noises, bright lights, and new experiences can make them feel uneasy. Shushing helps recreate the familiar environment of the womb. This simple sound can help reduce stress and make babies feel safe and comfortable. It is especially helpful during the first few months when babies are adjusting to their new surroundings.

How Can It Be Done?

Using Your Voice

One of the easiest ways to shush a baby is by using your voice. Hold your baby close and gently make a continuous “shhh” sound near their ear. The key is to match the volume of the baby’s crying, then gradually lower it as the baby calms down.

White Noise Machines

There are many white noise machines available that can produce a shushing sound. These machines are designed to be safe and effective. Some even come with additional features like lullabies and night lights. Place the machine near your baby’s crib, but not too close, to ensure they hear the sound without it being too loud.

Mobile Apps

Technology can also help. There are several apps available that play shushing sounds. These apps can be a handy tool for parents on the go. Just ensure the volume is appropriate for your baby’s delicate ears.

Benefits of Shushing

Promotes Sleep

Shushing is a great way to help babies fall asleep faster. The rhythmic sound can lull them into a peaceful slumber, making nap times and bedtime easier for parents and babies.

Reduces Crying

Many parents find that shushing is effective in reducing crying. It helps babies feel reassured and calm, which can significantly decrease the duration and intensity of crying episodes.

Easy to Use Anywhere

One of the best things about shushing is that it can be done anywhere. Whether you’re at home, in the car, or out for a walk, you can use this technique to soothe your baby.

Supporting Material for Shushing


There are several books available that provide more detailed information on shushing and other soothing techniques. “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp is a popular choice among parents.

Online Resources

Many parenting websites and blogs offer tips and advice on shushing. Websites like BabyCenter and have comprehensive guides on how to effectively use this technique.

Parenting Classes

Some hospitals and community centres offer parenting classes that include lessons on soothing techniques like shushing. These classes can provide hands-on experience and personalized advice.

Tips to Parents

Be Patient

Shushing might not work immediately every time. Be patient and keep trying. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the baby to respond to the sound.

Combine with Other Techniques

For best results, combine shushing with other soothing methods like swaddling, rocking, or gentle bouncing. These techniques can work together to calm your baby more effectively.

Stay Calm

Your baby can sense your emotions. Stay calm and relaxed while shushing. This will help your baby feel more secure and comforted.

Adjust Volume

Ensure the shushing sound is not too loud. It should be loud enough to catch your baby’s attention but not so loud that it startles them. A soft, steady “shhh” is usually most effective.

Consistency is Key

Try to use shushing consistently. Babies respond well to routine, so incorporating shushing into your daily soothing routine can make it more effective over time.


Q: How long should I shush my baby?
A: Shush your baby until it starts to calm down. This can take a few minutes to longer depending on the baby.

Q: Can I use a white noise machine all night?
A: Yes, many parents use white noise machines throughout the night to help their babies sleep better. Just ensure the volume is at a safe level.

Q: Is shushing safe for newborns?
A: Yes, shushing is safe for newborns. Just make sure the sound is not too loud.

Q: Can shushing work for older babies?
A: Yes, shushing can be effective for older babies as well. However, as babies grow, they may respond better to other soothing techniques.

Q: What if shushing doesn’t work?
A: If shushing doesn’t work, try combining it with other soothing methods like rocking, swaddling, or using a pacifier.

Shushing is a simple yet powerful tool to help soothe and comfort your baby. With patience and practice, you can master this technique and enjoy more peaceful moments with your little one.

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