7 month baby food chart



7 month baby food chart: If your baby is in the 7th month, you are in the right place. It’s a very crucial stage for a baby’s overall growth and development. For growth and development, the right type of food and the right amount of food are very important. In this article, I am going to discuss about the detailed food chart for your 7-month-old baby.

Importance of 7 month baby food chart:

For normal babies, crawling, rolling, and kicking while sleeping like physical activities will increase in the 7th month. So, as a parent, you should be careful about your baby’s physical growth and development. Also, the bone health of the baby plays a critical role in this development. At the same time, a 7-month-old stomach is very small and it can take very little amount of solid food. So 7 month baby food chart will give you a fair idea about your baby’s food plan.

7 month baby food schedule:

7 month baby food chart

Important ingredients of the 7 month baby food chart:

Mother’s milk is undoubtedly the best milk for the baby for at least 2 years. Along with milk, solid food is necessary for a baby’s growth. At least 2-3 times a day, solid food is required for the baby’s development. Please schedule your baby’s feed timing according to your baby’s preference. Avoid solid food after evening time, else it will digestive issues for the baby. Always start the day with milk. Keep baby hydrated always else digestive issues will come up. Don’t force or overfeed your baby else it will create discomfort for your baby.

So, to plan your day, it’s very important to keep the food chart handy. It will help you to grow your baby easily. Don’t ever compromise on baby’s milk feeding else he/she will be deprived of nutrients.

Serving Calculator Table:

7-month baby food options:

1. Cooked Veggies:

You can give your baby cooked carrots, sweet potato and other veggies according to doctors consultation. Make sure you are mashing them well before feeding to the baby and make the consistency little thinner, so that it will be easier to swallo. You can even make desi style kheer by mixing in some formula milk or breast milk.

2. Lentils:

Serve moong daal(I am not suggesting some other pulses) to your baby. Lentils are very rich in protein and are good for your baby, but make sure they are little loose. Please make sure to check with doctor once before starting those foods.

3. Cooked Fruits:

Making applesauce for your little one is easy – just cook and blend some apples until they’re smooth. For a fiber boost, mix in some cooked pumpkin. Make sure to mash everything well to avoid any chunks. Bananas are great as they are – just mash them up and mix with milk for extra flavor. Pureed fruits like mangoes, plums, kiwi, oranges, papayas, and more are fantastic options to kickstart your 7-month-old’s food journey.

4. Rice Khichdi:

This food is Indian’s favorite dish. It’s healthy and gives enough nutrient value to baby. Make a rice khichdi with lentils, preferably moong. You can add potatoes, spinach, carrots, peas, beetroot, tomato and other easily cooked and digestible vegetables in rice khichdi for your baby

5. Liquids:

Make sure you are keeping baby hydrated. Feed them enough water with solid food. Its essential for digestion. At the starting don’t go ahead with flavoured water.

Cautions for Parents:

Food Preparations :

If you are preparing food for your baby make sure not to add oil to the food. Dont add salt , any type of masala to the food. Cook the food properly.You can refer the food chart details in 7 month baby food chart table. No frying and grilling of foods.

Food Structure:

It should be thin and consistent so that it will be easy to swallow. Food should not kept long time in open after preparation. All the things should tasted before giving to the baby. Dont ever forget this point.

Have Patience:

If your baby isn’t interested in a certain food, do not force it. There’s also no need to force your child to finish everything on his plate! Stop feeding him if he rejects the food, and try again during the next meal. Right now, your baby knows best about how much he wants to eat.

Tipz For Parents for 7 month baby food chart:

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